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Involvement of Artist with Printer              

This is a hard storage case designed by Raymond Loewy in 1978 specifically to house the eight prints when the entire set was purchased. We don't know exactly how many of these rare portfolio cases were originally manufactured (probably less than 30), but a few are available to those interested in acquiring a complete set. Note that the S-1 Locomotive is not a part of this set, its dimensions are slightly different and does not fit in the portfolio case. However, when the eight piece folio is purchased, a matched numbered print of the S-1 Locomotive will be included at no additional cost! The clam shell case was designed by Loewy (as documented in the original sales brochure) is an inch in thickness and is covered in a thick woven cream colored fabric, opens like a book to reveal an enlarged facsimile signature card, the menu card and the eight prints. The front exterior of the case has Loewy's full name in teal and the facsimile signature in black is in the lower right.

We have placed several of these portfolios, primarily with institutions, but they make nice additions for the serious collector of industrial design. Please call or contact for additional information and pricing.

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